Busted! Don’t Believe These Small Space Venue Myths!

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Busted! Don’t Believe These Small Space Venue Myths!

Hosting an event or party like a wedding usually conjures up thoughts of a large ballroom with rows upon rows of chairs and tables. Maybe there is a large dance floor in the centre of the room which will only look full if every single guest is up there busting a move.

Many people who are planning a wedding or event think this is the only way to entertain their guests. However, large spaces can squash intimacy and guest interaction while carrying a hefty price tag. A large space or event venue is not the only option for an epic party. Size has nothing to do with hosting a fabulous party or unforgettable wedding.

If you’re hosting an event in the upcoming months, don’t let these small venue myths keep you from exploring smaller spaces for an unexpected twist to a traditional event.

Myth 1: I need a large venue for my event.

A big space minimizes opportunities for engagement among your attendees. If everyone can see everyone else at your party, what’s the fun and mystery quotient in that? A large space has to be divided into distinct areas to encourage guest interaction so your guests will enjoy a stimulating and personal experience. While these separate spaces require a very "out of the box" thinker to maximise the space, smaller venues encourage guest interaction on their own. A great event planner with lots of connections will know how to turn your small venue into a breathtaking affair, no matter what the size.

Myth 2: A small venue will be crowded and stuffy

By getting creative with lighting, mirrors, and barriers, there are endless options to building a unique space. A creative event planner will know how to design the space for maximum functionality. These illusions will create an intimate party without people feeling like they’re on top of one another. If you believe that there is not enough information about unique venues, then do not feel limited to only large conference room-style events. There are many one-of-a-kind sites which can be easily modified to fit your guests comfortably.

Myth 3: A small venue will stifle the vision for my event.

Having a vision helps with the outcome of the event. Just because your vision is grand, doesn’t mean the venue has to be as well. The decorating, spacing of tables, the details of every aspect contribute to creating an ambiance for your party or event. With a creative event planner, you can use the space in new, imaginative ways. For example, placing food stations or a bar in unexpected places, using outdoor spaces for a photo booth, and connecting rooms with innovative decor. Your vision is not limited by a small venue. In fact, it may be an opportunity to showcase your personality and creativity in never-before-seen ways.

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